I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified perinatal mental health therapist with specialties in trauma recovery and maternal mental health. By forming an authentic professional relationship while working to alleviate distress, my goal is for therapy to feel safe, effective, and accessible for clients with diverse perspectives and life experiences. 

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The prenatal, pregnancy, postpartum and adoption experiences are a time of significant transition and uncertainty. Just as in adolescence, the shift to motherhood is greatly influenced by hormonal changes, identity changes, the impact of life experiences and preconceived expectations for the parenting transition. It can be a time of simultaneous joy, sadness, exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, and a time of loss. New and seasoned parents do not need to navigate this huge life transition on their own. 

Trauma symptoms are the emotional, behavioral, and physical responses to overwhelming experiences. Some times the responses become prolonged distress and suffering. Sadness and pain are part of life but suffering from previous experiences does not necessarily need to be long term. The aftermath of trauma can lead to feelings including guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, and loss of self. These symptoms of trauma can be alleviated if support is received and effective skills are learned to better process your role and the meaning of the experience to you. 

specialize in trauma recovery & maternal mental health but treat a variety of issues. My approach to a variety of mental health challenges includes understanding how we internalize the messages that we receive from others, ourselves, our relationships, and life experiences. After fifteen years of experience working with people in diverse counseling settings, I believe that we all have the ability to address and cope with life's challenges. We often just need support to identify and implement skills to do so.