About My Practice

I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified perinatal mental health therapist with over twenty years of experience working with families in diverse settings. I am currently in private practice in Bozeman, Montana and specialize in trauma recovery, maternal mental health and treatment of adolescent anxiety and depression.  

Navigating Life Transitions

Adolescence is a time of great transition and uncertainty. This is compounded by hormonal changes, identity development, social and environmental influences, as well as the impact of significant experiences. This is a time when many kids feel overwhelmed and that they have little control over their own lives. 

The prenatal, postpartum and adoption experiences are also a time of significant transition and uncertainty. Just as in adolescence, the shift to motherhood is greatly influenced by hormonal changes, a transition to identifying as a parent, the impact of life experiences and preconceived expectations for the future. It can be a time of simultaneous joy, feeling overwhelmed, and for some, a time of loss. This experience is an incredible shift in both the physical and emotional state of being. 

Transitions are constant in life. As a therapist, I  provide services not only for adolescents and women entering motherhood but also for people in all life stages who are managing issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, and generally feeling overwhelmed with life. With a compassionate, candid, and purposeful approach, I support you to navigate your personal transition and resolve any discomfort or suffering you might be experiencing during this time. I genuinely care about my clients and work with you as a collaborative team. Using the trust within our professional relationship, my clinical skills, your self-knowledge and your personal values, I work with you to find self-empowerment and emotional well-being. 

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Kate Hestwood, LCSW

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